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During BASMIDA's more than 20 years of existence, its activities and programmes have been successfully run by more than 200 volunteer committee members and various government agencies. However, although BASMIDA is a Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O), the Government of His Majesty through its many agencies for example, the Department of Youth and Sports gives financial support and encouragement for BASMIDA in its human resources development. BASMIDA members are able to attend and participate in national, regional and international conferences/meetings/workshops on anti-drug issues. The private sectors for example, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd, Brunei Shell Marketing Sdn Bhd, Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei (TAIB) and HSBC and other banks, are the main sponsors to the many BASMIDA anti-drug abuse activities. Generous individuals and owners of companies and businesses in the private sector also respond to BASMIDA's appeals. Role model leadership, good corporate governance, transparency and accountability, awareness in implementation of one's social responsibility and community values provide basic inspiration for BASMIDA volunteers to pursue relevant and meaningful anti-drug abuse activities.


Amongst the successful activities of 2008 was the ASEAN Youth Extemporaneous Speaking Competition. BASMIDA carried out three activities to mark the 2008 UN International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (I.D.A.D.A.I.T). The first one was a Treasure Hunt with anti-drug messages at Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Forest Park involving more than 200 youth, senior citizens, private sector and government agencies participation; the second one was an exhibition at a "Silaturahim Program" at Lambak Berakas Mosque, jointly organized by the Lambak Berakas Mosque Committee, Nur Islam 93.3 Network and Jalan Bedil Religious School. The third one was BASMIDA youth participation at an exhibition organized by the Narcotics Control Bureau at Tutong Plaza where participation by the BASMIDA Youth at the Asia Regional Training Workshop for Youth-At-Risk for Drug-Substance Abuse, May 2007, Maldives was highlighted.


BASMIDA is a member of the International Federation of Non-Government Organizations for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse (I.F.N.G.O), which has 87 registered members in 40 countries. I.F.N.G.O has the following affiliation with several United Nations agencies; for example the ESOSC, WHO, ILO, UNESCO and has formal relations with the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta.On 3-5 December 2007, BASMIDA hosted the 17th IFNGO ASEAN NGOs Workshop, which was attended by more than 300 delegates from the 10 ASEAN nations and also from Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, USA and Australia. On 1-3 December 1995, BASMIDA hosted the 6th IFNGO ASEAN NGOs Workshop with the theme "Inculcation of High Values in Drug Abuse Prevention" and on 13-16 September 2001, the 11th IFNGO ASEAN NGOs Workshop with the theme "New Dimensions in Drug Prevention". In June 2009, Insy'alllah, BASMIDA will host for the first time, the 23rd IFNGO International Conference. BASMIDA members participated in all IFNGO ASEAN NGOs workshops held in other ASEAN countries and in some international and regional conferences on the prevention of abuse of drugs.


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