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Persatuan Basmi Dadah (BASMIDA) is the anti-drug abuse association of Brunei Darussalam. It is a non-profit organization, which was established on 5 March 1987. Its main objective is to carry out preventive drug education amongst the youth, school children and annual campaigns using all available media and covering all strata of the community.


Its activities include competitions on anti-drug essay writing, poster making, and oratory contests amongst school children, sports, anti-drug songs and even fund-raising concerts with popular young artists. Exhibitions and anti-drug abuse quiz have also been carried out. Pamphlets, booklets, post cards, stickers and posters are produced for free distributions. In the 1990s, BASMIDA started to offer free counseling to inmates at the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre of Rumah Al-Islah and conducts training courses for BASMIDA counselors and refresher courses for qualified volunteer counselors.

Commencing in 2000 and in response to the urgent needs of the community, BASMIDA began to embark and carries out activities to facilitate job placement, impart or upgrade employment skills to former drug addicts of the Rumah Al-Islah (called "Rakan BASMIDA" or Friends of BASMIDA). To date, BASMIDA has assisted several Rakan BASMIDA to find jobs in construction companies, printing press, plumbing, hospitality and automotive industry. Other Rakan BASMIDA were encouraged and supported to pursue gainful self-employment such as car-washing, cookies making, grass-cutting where BASMIDA provided at its expense the necessary tools and helped in marketing to start-up their business.


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